Margaret smiled when she saw their cottage come into view. It was just as she remembered it, though the varied brown stones looked more weathered than the last time they were there. Soon they could settle and move on with their lives. “Papa, we’re home.”

The Anatalian Soldier

The Anatalian Series

Liam Fulton wants to see the world beyond the vineyard his parents live and work on. The only option he sees is the Anatalian army. Shortly after he joins, war breaks out, where he discovers a treasonous plot. Will he come away unscathed, or will his actions during the war irreparably change his life?

Margaret is just learning to fit in at court when her father falls gravely ill. The other courtiers start to pull away from her family, thinking they're cursed by God for reaching too high. Her mother, unable to handle the pressure of scrutiny, abandons them. Can Margaret figure out how to care for her father on her own?

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Margaret loses everything when Liam Fulton stumbles upon her country home, bringing soldiers in his wake who are trying to capture him. Guilt-ridden for turning her life upside down, Liam spirits her away to the town of Marbon, where he knows she'll be safe if she'll stay put. Can they escape Liam’s past, or is Margaret’s future ruined beyond repair? 

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Margaret has returned to the capital in the hopes of officially gaining her father's title and returning to their lands, where she can live in peace—but King Sorren has other plans for her. There is no escaping him, unless she can find someone's protection to fall under.

Liam, unable to follow her to the capital to keep her safe, retreats to the only place he knows that Anatalian soldiers are not welcome: Salatia. There, he finds work and may finally hope to find happiness.

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Though Margaret finally has her title,  she still needs to find someone else to protect her from the king. Since Liam isn’t an option, the Duke of Fradure will have to do. Margaret just has to convince him to marry her.

Liam has settled with Gretta and her family well. A little too well. When things go south, so does Liam—until he hears that Margaret is in trouble. But as he braves the capital of Anatalia to save her, can he escape death again?

The Anatalian Queen

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Look for this historical fantasy novel in April 2025!

The Anatalian Heir

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Stand-Alone Novels


Lorelai is an indentured servant—always has been, always will be. That is until Lord Egan kidnaps her…sort of. Lorelai has always been told that he’s a dangerous man and escapes—this is her chance to leave servitude forever, and she’s going to take it. Much to her dismay, after eating apples from the lord’s orchard, she’s physically unable to leave his lands. Will she ever be able to gain her freedom?


Lord Egan is a god among men—more specifically, the god of the underworld. Tiring of his otherworldly domain, he chooses to be among the living. From the first moment he sees Lorelai, he’s enamored with her. After he tries to save her from an attack, she escapes to his orchard and eats the food of the dead, trapping her on her lands. Since she would not have eaten it if not for him, he strikes a deal with her that she must only stay a month for each apple she stole. But will he be able to convince her to stay with him for longer?

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The Once and Future Queen

Arty is the heir to Camelot—or at least that’s what the crazy old man who cornered her said. The only problem is that Camelot is a myth. 

At least that’s what she thought until he takes her to a parallel Earth where Camelot is alive and prosperous, and is under threat from the witch Morgana once more. Arty must learn about her new kingdom and herself in order to save it. But will she rise to the occasion, or crumble under the pressure?

Look for this portal fantasy coming 2027!

Short Stories

In a Princess and The Pea retelling, Princess Adelena is summoned with the other princesses on the continent for Prince Anders to find a bride. He wants to test each princess to find the one of the highest worth, but Princess Adelena is going to be testing him to see if he is indeed worthy of her.

This short story has been rated 14+, appropriate for teens.This title has been rated 14+ appropriate for teens and contains:

brief implied sex

mild alcohol use