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The Anatalian Series

Welcome to Aratia!

Aratia is the main continent in the Anatalian Series, home to Anatalia, Salatia, Frasisca, Glessic, Mekhor, and Radovan


Anatalia is the prominent country featured in the Anatalian series, best known for their strong policies on trade and being the prominent traders of tobacco from the Dorcia's lands near the center of the country. Its military is the most skilled on the continent.


Salatia is an empire that was broken into into three after Dukes Glessic and Mekhor took control for themselves. Salatia mostly consists of farmland and provides most agricultural trade for Aratia.


Frasisca is a hilly land that likes to keep isolationist policies until it doesn't suit them. The most they have done in the way of allyship is marrying the current queen of Anatalia, Queen Lillian, to King Sorren of Anatalia to ensure they have military backing. 


Glessic strongly relies on its coastal profit fishing, its olive production, and its rare bentonite clay used in medicines and cosmetics sold to the other Aratian countries.


After its break from Salatia, Mekhor is known for its isolationist policies and is strict in its insistence that only Mekhorns, ambassadors, and approved traders are allowed to enter Mekhor at will. Not much is known elsewise.


A desert, arid land, Radovan is known mostly for its horse trade with Radovian horses being the highest quality in all of Aratia. Radovan has traditionally been allied with Anatalia after having their ambassadors executed by Salatia.